Dragonfly Review

Kicking off my website revamp (thanks, Antimo!) with a review of Dragonfly, the European polewear brand that has been making my lockdown training comfier and more comfortable. Read on to find out what I thought of some of their best-sellers!

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The lovely folks at Dragonfly gifted me these fab bras, shorts and leggings, but all opinions shared in this blog post are, of course, my own.

About Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a sportswear brand for pole dance, bikram yoga and fitness. Created by Petra and Petr in České Budějovice, Czech Republic, Dragonfly is a durable, functional brand for your pole or yoga classes that Petra and Petr created after opening their own yoga studio.

Dragonfly sportswear is made of high quality Italian material (80% micro-polyamide, 20% Lycra). The material Dragonfly use is thin yet not see-through, very strong and elastic. Their activewear’s top layer is smooth, while the inner layer has a combed finish with very fine micro-bristles for top comfort that is gentle on the skin. It does not restrict movement while working out, it’s not loose anywhere and it adapts perfectly to your body even under the most intense training conditions. If it is sweaty, it does not make you cold and dries quickly.

Made from their two workshops in Europe, Dragonfly products are now leaders in sportswear both in the EU and abroad.

Dragonfly Review

I tried out four items from Dragonfly’s range: the Lisa long legging, the Carmen one-shoulder sports bra, the Terri keyhole sports bra and the Emily shorts. All, of course, in my trademark red. Here’s what I thought of them.

Lisa long legging

The Lisa long legging fit like a glove and, unlike many tight, squeezy leggings I’ve tried, it made me feel perfectly comfy to get on with my warm-up even in days when I was on the struggle bus. I liked it so much that I used it to film my warm-up tutorial for my series of Buy Me A Coffee pole dance tutorials. This is because, like all Dragonfly products, the leggings don’t have any seams or elastic bands in the waist or legs – so they don’t cut anywhere, and fit exactly where they should.

I know leggings aren’t always the number one pole item we consider – sometimes we go for bras, or skimpy shorts, because of grip – but I really recommend adding the Lisa leggings to your cart if you’re already getting a bra, because you can easily repurpose them when out for your Government mandated, socially distanced walk. I am super glad I chose the Lisa leggings in red because they add a splash of colour to my otherwise pretty grey Hackney winter walks. Recommended!

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Carmen one-shoulder sports bra

The Carmen bra is probably my favourite item out of all four of my Dragonfly order. I am a sucker for one-shoulder outfits – whether they’re bras, catsuits, dresses, you name it – and this one didn’t disappoint. The Carmen bra is incredibly flattering, highlighting those pole dance shoulders and arms and making your abs look lovely too.

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Plus, unlike many one-shoulder tops, this one actually holds everything in – so don’t worry about that handspring, because even during the fastest spins or the craziest upside down tricks, there was no flashing on my end 😉

Terri keyhole sports bra

I’m usually the least ‘pole fitnessy’ type person because you all know I like the filthy aspect of pole. But in January of 2020 + 1, my confidence took a hit and sometimes I just wanted to do some flowy, sad ballerina type dancing. I know right, who am I and what have I done with Carolina?

Well, trying out the Terri bra allowed me to feel that fantasy, to pull my hair up in a bun and to keep it comfy while doing elaborate but more ‘vulnerable’ spins. Inspired and named after pole champion Terri Fierce, the Terri is a comfortable high-neck sports bra and it’s backless, showcasing all that muscle you built through shouldermounts. It has three small metal studs on the neck that make it both comfortable reliable. This top fits a bit tighter so if you cannot decide which size to buy, go for a size up.

Of course, this is not to say you can’t wear it during a sexy choreo: tight and fitting, it really highlights your chest, even if, like me, you’re not particularly ‘gifted’.

Emily shorts

The Emily shorts are ideal for pole tricks classes and can be made a bit ‘cheekier’ with their side drawstrings, which can help you modify the length or change their look.

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The shorts look fab with both bras but, I must say, they cut just above my hip bones, so they look a bit less flattering on my body shape. Or maybe I’m just too used to thongs making my legs look way longer 😛

Catch me switching my Dragonfly outfits in this TikTok I made:


Taking my new @dragonflybrand for a spin! ##gift ##poledancer ##poledancersoftiktok ##spinningpole

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