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This week’s blog post is a review of the fab sets Pole Addict gifted me – and a chance to show them off with my new pictures by @vmilus!

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About Pole Addict

Pole Addict is a gorgeous, made in Poland polewear brand with bold, stunning patterns and cheeky cuts. The founders started pole dancing in 2014, and decided to create colourful, fun clothes shortly after, in 2015. I’ve had my eye on their sets for quite a while, which is why I was thrilled to find out they were keen to collaborate with me for this blog post. Read on to find my thoughts on three of their stunning sets.

*Pole Addict gifted me these sets but opinions are, as always, my own.

Pole Addict’s AIDA set

Pole Addict’s AIDA set, made of the LAND AIDA top (€41 / £36) and high leg cut shorts (€25 / £22), is one of my favourite polewear sets to date. It looks like the pole version of what a Versace pattern would look like, and as a very ‘out there’ and show-offy Italian you know I love me some bold patterns!

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The AIDA set is elastic and comfy – it’s made from thermo active material, meaning it’s breathable and keeps your skin dry by wicking moisture away from it. This means it dries quickly, so you can wear it for pole tricks or choreo classes or, if you feel like it, it can double up as a bikini. If you’re wondering how comfy it is, here’s a video of me freestyling in it doing some pretty hardcore around-the-worlds in heels – you need a comfy set for that and this one did not disappoint!

Pole Addict’s AIDA set was my favourite of the bunch I tried: it’s not just the Versace vibe, it’s the hyper flattering bra cut and the fun high leg bottoms that make me look like I have legs for days, and make me feel like that bitch, looking fierce.

The SUN set

I chose the SUN set, made Pole Addict’s LAND Sun top (€38 / £34) and high-waisted shorts (€32 / £28), in a lovely bright and summery yellow.

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The SUN set is made of recycled fabric – a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon – which applies muscular compression to decrease the production of lactic acid. This means it basically helps you recover quicker! Soft and pleasant on the skin, compact and breathable, the material from this set is also UV protective (UPF 50+), meaning it’s perfect for pole dance, fitness and gym workouts and safe for outdoor activities.

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The set’s colour and the bra’s design are stunning: colourful, cut to perfection and just really fun. The shorts are my least favourite of the bunch – not because they’re not beautiful, but because this particular design, very high-waisted and with some mesh components, cuts at a bit of my hips that doesn’t particularly enhance my figure. However, even if I don’t like how the cut makes my belly and legs look, it doesn’t mean it can’t be flattering for other pole dancers – in fact, is slightly higher waist bottoms tend to suit you, this one’s the set for you!

The MOMO set

Pole Addict’s MOMO set, which includes the LAND MOMO crop top (€41 / £36) and high leg cut shorts (€25 / £22), is what made me fall in love with Pole Addict in the first place, after seeing a picture of theses items while scrolling on the ‘Gram.

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The MOMO set is made of the same moisture wicking material as the other two, and it’s got a fab, stand-out pattern of flowers of different colours that will add some attitude to your tricks classes, and which will look stunning once you put on a pair of heels. Exhibit A below.


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In short, Pole Addict’s sets got me addicted and I’m super chuffed that we could work together to bring you this post!

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