Resources to navigate WTF is going on with online moderation of nudity

This post shares resources to navigate the utter MESS that online content moderation of nudity is proving to be. Why? ICYMI, in the summer my Instagram account got deleted, and I have been grappling with account deletions for months now (currently, my record is three in just a week on TikTok); big names in the pole dance community – from Carmine Black to Yung Pole Master – are having their IG accounts disabled; ‘naked’ users have been shadowbanned on Instagram for years; and do not get me started on the blanket, widespread moderation of sex work, which is wreaking havoc on too many people’s lives and livelihoods. As a content moderation researcher, I read, write about and cite a variety of resources and sources that have informed my understanding of content moderation of nudity and sexuality. It’s only fair that I share those sources with you, in this ‘rolling document / blog post’ so that you can keep on top of what’s affecting us.


This isn’t by any means a comprehensive list of resources on online moderation, and it’s not a monolith: I will keep updating this page as and when I have time, or when I receive feedback. Feel free to comment, email me or DM me with more resources to add!

Shadowbanning resources

FOSTA / SESTA resources

Tech governance resources

Hidden agendas in content moderation – post-OnlyFans debacle resources

Online resources

Account deletion resources

Academic resources


ICYMI: resources from this blog

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