FANNA Polewear Review

This post is a review of the lovely items FANNA Polewear, a sustainable polewear brand based in Hungary, gifted me between last summer and this winter. Fanna is one of my favourite brands to date, and I can’t wait to tell you more about them!

About FANNA Polewear

FANNA Polewear is a sustainable polewear and activewear brand based in Budapest. Owned and founded by Nagy Fanny, FANNA does everything with the environment in mind, from recycled packaging to the use of recycled materials, all the way through ethical manufacturing and through the commitment to not produce waste. “We reuse and recycle everything that is possible,” says the founder, so much that customers get a free gift bag made of recycled material with each purchase.

Outfits review

FANNA gifted me a series of outfits in between summer 2021 and this winter. This has been great because I got to test their items on the pole and on the beach, so I can tell you all about how cute and versatile they are.

First up, their Amazing top and Power Brazilian panty (€36) in bluish grey, which you can see in this shot by Katherine Elizabeth Photography below. First of all, let’s talk about the colour, because bluish grey is my favourite FANNA shade. Having worn this set with and without a tan, I can honestly say it makes your skin colour pop, and that it looks shiny and gorgeous all year round.

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Picture by @kephotos

With its intricate neck detail, the Amazing top is comfortable, supportive and stylish, and it can be used both as your bra of choice to go for a swim or to perform a pole trick. Exhibit A below (where I somehow managed it to wear it *without* the neck twist and I launched a new styling option lol).

The Power Brazilian panty is also very flattering and comfy, framing your booty in all the right ways and proving to be a great #sundaybumday option.

Having worn this whole set both at the beach and for pole means I have washed it a lot, so I can testify that it dries fast thanks to its recycled materials, and that its quality and colour remained in top shape despite the many washes.

This winter, FANNA also gifted me the ultimate photoshoot / choreo class outfit combo that is the X-Top in black (€59 / £49), made with 80% regenerated nylon, and the Pole pants in black (€45 / £37), made with 90% Organic cotton. As you can see, I have made the most out of it during my photoshoot with Katherine Elizabeth and I haven’t stopped since!

The X-Top is so incredibly flattering that it somehow makes it look as if I have boobs, when in reality I have none. As someone with muscly arms and broad shoulders – a consequence of swimming and pole – I somehow struggle to see myself with certain tops, because I feel like they make me look like a big square Johnny Bravo. The X-Top, however, somehow manages to make me look powerful and stylish all at once and it’s a total vibe.

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Picture by @kephotos

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to wear it for those of you that are fashionably challenged like me.

The Pole pants really complete the outfit and, if you know me, you will also know I will definitely not be afraid to wear them outside of pole. The cotton FANNA used to make them is soft and comfortable, and the material is heavy enough for the pants to be durable and not easily breakable. With the slits just in the right place to make your legs look stunning and to prevent you from getting tangled with your heels during choreo class, FANNA’s Pole pants are a must-have accessory to make you stand out.

Last but not least, FANNA also gifted me their Shoulder-mount bodysuit in black (€99 / £82), which is probably my least favourite out of the items I tried, but that is still a feat of design. Let’s get things straight: the bodysuit is lovely, and it’s cleverly cut in many places where you’d need grip as a poler: your sides, your shoulders, your armpits. Sliding because of fabric, be gone!

The bodysuit looks great with heels and with a pair of long pants like FANNA’s pants, and it gives some classy ballet like vibes… which aren’t exactly my vibe, but I like to experiment! So the reason I say it’s my least favourite is not because it doesn’t allow me to practice tricks in it, or because it’s uncomfortable or not pretty – it’s because I like to be way more naked than that, and rarely sport ballet vibes. Just classic Carolina stuff.

FANNA also make cute, clever accessories out of recycled material. They gifted me their Pink scrunchie (€14 / £11), which looked adorable with my dark hair, and their Black shoe protectors (€33 / £27), a fun option to style your heels while protecting them. These may seem a little hard to pull up at first, but I promise they are worth it! Check them out in different colours below.

FANNA’s choice of sustainable materials

FANNA make polewear out of environmentally friendly materials such as ECONYL®  and OEKOTEX® certified Organic Cotton.

ECONYL® is made from synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, then recycled and regenerated into a new nylon yarn that is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon. This means that ECONYL® can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again, creating new products without having to use new resources. Using ECONYL® educes the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80%.

The use of OEKOTEX® certified Organic Cotton results in reducing water and energy consumption by 80%, as well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere (and therefore soil and water pollution). FANNA’s materials are also extra strong, and look fabulous even after many washes.

The verdict

FANNA Polewear is making important steps towards making our industry more sustainable, and they do so while creating unique, stylish outfits and a network for pole dancers to share their journey. They are a joy to work with, making sure each customer gets a personable experience.

Their outfits are a must-have for polers looking for a classy yet sexy look, and while some of their smaller accessories might be a bit on the pricey side, we know that the extra cost is worth it thanks to FANNA’s focus on sustainable fashion and the ethical manufacturing.

Discounts and prizes

If you like what you see, you can get 10% off Fanna’s fab pole and fitness wear with my discount code: carolinaa10.

Alternatively, if you want to try your luck at winning a FANNA voucher, enter @polelols’ raffle to gather donation towards the British Red Cross’s Ukraine crisis appeal.

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