Category Asses and Activism

Asses and Activism includes interviews, opinion pieces and news about people who are breaking taboos, fighting stigma and living their best lives, because activism is more fun when it’s sexy. The idea for Asses and Activism was born from one of my Instagram posts. I had posted a picture about a less politically oriented post, saying: “Can’t always cover Asses and Activism!” and my followers pointed out how great a format that could be. So when I realised the community I’m part of would love to hear from and support sexy activists, this category of posts came to life. So without further ado, all these posts are for them, featuring everything from pole dancing to podcasting, from sex workers to bloggers, these posts are about discussing everything that matters, but that hasn’t yet received the right attention. Expect: the odd sociological / criminological spin, sass and a whole lot of ass. Submit ideas to if you’d like to be featured.

Instagram Censors EveryBODYVisible Campaign Against Instagram Censorship – LOL


On 29 October 2019 – World Internet Day – a coalition of artists, sex workers, pole dancers, educators, athletes, performers and more that I am part of launched #EveryBODYVisible, a campaign to fight Instagram censorship, demand clarity about content moderation…

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