Pole Dance Class Quotes From The Pole Community

A while back I wrote a post about the weird things you get to hear in pole dance classes. The pole community wrote back on a bunch of Facebook groups, sharing their own weird quotes. So here they are – most of them are NSFW so if you’re under 18 and you’re reading this you probably swear more than me anyway.


“Just grip with your ear.”

H.F. heard this advice while trying (still trying) to master the Titanic move. Ah, the Titanic. Don’t we all love to hate it.


E.R: “Particularly in our beginners classes, I think the most common phrase us instructors say is ‘Thrust!’. This to try and get the beginners learning spins like Front Hook, Carousel/pendulum etc to try and push their hips forward so that they don’t look like Gollum on the pole 😂.”


Partial nakedness is necessary to stick to the pole… and it’s also pretty fun. S. C. says: “‘Keep your legs open’ and, ‘You need less clothes on’ are my favourites 😂. It is normally me shouting that at my pole buddy, shortly followed by ‘Show me your vagina!'”

“Flap Check!”

Pole buddies have your back when the nakedness gets more than partial. Thanks pole buddies. Thanks E.M. for the suggestion! Also, “Nip slip” is a common one, according to E.S.


L.Y. “My favorite thing to say when I want girls to roll harder is ASS VAGINA ASS VAGINA. You need to see them both.” This person is my teacher and I can confirm she says this. A lot.

“Pussy to the sky!”

H.R.H.: “Aim your pussy towards the ceiling bring it up as high as you can… it really did help with the pose 🤣😂.” This advice is particularly useful for shouldermounts – if you wanna get a similar pic with similar tights, I got mine as a gift from UK Tights 🙂

“Fuck the pole”

B.M. “When learning Jasmin and you need to get your crotch to the pole and tighten up – fuck the pole.”

“Imagine there’s a pencil in your bum and you’re trying to draw a circle on the floor.”

I… have no comment on this.

“Imagine you’re trying to suck a spaghetti with your vagina!”

I have even less to comment.

ICYMI, pole dancers are weird. Over and out.


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