5 underwear brands that make great polewear

Following on from the success of my post on the bikini/polewear brands, here’s another post about underwear brands you can turn into polewear, because summer’s over and bikinis are sadly not a thing. FML.


Once again, this will work if you have small to medium-sized boobs. Pole mates who were blessed by nature with bigger breasts might find these brands don’t hold it all up enough.

Urban Outfitters

At Urban Outfitters, you can buy three lovely briefs and culottes for £15 – sometimes for less if you’re a student. The patterns are fun and unique, the briefs are comfy and flash-free and you can wash them A LOT before they become useless. I wore my Halloween bottoms for a very spready performance and couldn’t have been happier. Win win.

Forever 21

Turns out Forever 21 sells skimpy thongs that LOOK GREAT for pole and are also a tenner or less. Isn’t that a win? If you’re poling at home, if you’re looking for something cute and sexy for a performance or if your studio is chill with your butt hanging out, this is the place for you. Get it gurl.


Underwear: Intimissimi
Shoes: Pleaser USA

I swear by Intimissimi. It’s literally all I wear with a few exceptions. London pole schools prefer you to wear activewear or polewear as opposed to undies, but I made the most out of my Intimissimi sets in Sydney… and they still look great for showcases and performances! Intimissimi sets are usually about €50 (something like £45) for a bra and briefs, and they always have classy patterns and bras that hold your junk up when inverting. Exibit A – above.


Picture by Karen Toftera

Yamamay is another European underwear and bikini brand that delivers both for sexy underwear and for reliable polewear options. Similarly to Intimissimi, it sells a bra and brief set for about £45. I recently wore one of their sets for a performance and it held it all together during a spinning invert into jade split, into inverted Teddy, into pike, into inside leg hang, so it works.

Agent Provocateur

I sneakily bought my first Agent Provocateur set during sales on a summer holiday in London, with my high school scholarship money, at the tender age of 15. I don’t suggest you do this. That time is now over and if I get a scholarship, I use it to pay for important things like, uhm, food. I now however happily accept Agent Provocateur sets as birthday gifts or just everyday gifts *wink wink, friends*. Still, I have poled in the AP sets I have and I can confirm they look stunning and they keep everything in. Wish I had more. Sob.

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