5 Bikini Brands That Make Great Polewear

I’m a sucker for cool polewear to dance in. However, sometimes pole sets can be expensive, or a bit boring, and although I know some fantastic pole brands (which I’ll review separately), sometimes I like to change it up. So here are my top 5 bikini brands that make great polewear.


This post will make sense to you if you have small to medium-size breasts. Some pole mates who were blessed with bigger boobs than my medium-sized ones will need better support. So let the round-up start.


Available in the UK and in most European countries, Tezenis is a cheap but fab Italian underwear and bikini brand. I’ve been poling in their latest all-black bikini collection, all under €25 (about £20) and no slippage or flashing has happened yet.


I bought this H&M set because I fell in love with the colour, but it turned out to be the perfect polewear – and all for less than £10! If you buy a tight enough bra you’ll invert in this just fine. And it looks great on tanned skin.

Rusty Australia

I found this brand in a surf shop near Bondi Beach when I was living in Sydney. It has wonderful, unusual colours and functional yet pretty bikinis that work for surfing, and for pole too. Rusty bikinis aren’t as cheap as the above, but they’re versatile and you should be able to get one for less that £50 if sales are on.


I’ve loved Calzedonia since I was a teen and it’s now available in most European countries, although it seems to be a bit cheaper in Italy. Prices are mid-range (about €50 or £60 for a full bikini set) but most of its swimwear has cute patterns and bras with a lot of padding that holds stuff up when you’re upside down. I’ve used it for my twerk stuff and for some beach poling and was 100% fine.

Bondi Bather

As a boutique Bondi brand, Bondi Bather isn’t your cheap swimwear alternative – at the time I could afford it by working a quite senior PR job. Still, a Bondi one-piece swimsuit is a unique piece, and you can use it for floorwork, twerk, chair and lap and for routines and pole fit classes that don’t require inverting. They make great beach and loungewear too so you can use it as much as you want to make up for the price.

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