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Le pole dancer italiane e la whorephobia

Recentemente, ho letto conversazioni tra alcune pole dancer italiane sui social media che sembravano voler distanziarsi dalle vere creatrici della pole dance moderna: le spogliarelliste. Questo distanziamento è uno dei comportamenti tipici della whorephobia, ossia il giudicare altre persone per…

IPIA: Interview with the International Pole Industry Association

Through an IGTV video, PoleCon CEO Colleen Jolly announced she was creating the pole dance industry’s first trade association, the International Pole Industry Association (IPIA). With the upheaval brought by the Coronavirus pandemic, celebrities’ increased interest in pole dance and…

Interview With Artist Exotic Cancer

If you've been reading me/following me for a while, you probably know I get a lot of traffic through Instagram, but that I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the platform's censoring of (mostly) women, erotic artists and sex workers. After receiving what was basically a set of non-answers by Instagram, I decided to speak to artists that were actually affected by account deletion and shadowbanning - namely, the iconic Exotic Cancer.
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