Celebrating Asking For Help: #RenegadeActsofKindness

This blog post, as part of the #RenegadeActsofKindness campaign by English sparkling wine Renegade & Longton and just after World Mental Health Day, is an occasion to thank my network for the help in getting me out of a difficult time. Even just last year, when I was less sure of the validity of my … More Celebrating Asking For Help: #RenegadeActsofKindness

The Best House Party Ever

On Thursday night I went to The Little Blue Door Fulham‘s launch and it was the best house party ever. Here’s what to expect from this one-of-a-kind uhm… flat? Restaurant? Heaven? The House Party Imagine going to a house party. Now imagine that the house party isn’t at your mate’s John’s house, in some random … More The Best House Party Ever

10 London Meals Under A Tenner

Whether you’re travelling or you’re a full-time Londoner, there’s no point in sugar coating it: London is bloody expensive. Unfortunately for your pockets (but luckily for your Instagram), it’s also one of the best cities in the world in terms of eating out. So how do you reconcile the two? Simples: by trying one of … More 10 London Meals Under A Tenner

Silent Night at sketch London

There are many ways to start your morning. I usually start mine with a pole session, reading academic journals for my PhD or going to work. This morning however I was among the first Londoners that got to see sketch London‘s Christmas light installation to kick off the holiday season, and as you’ll see if you … More Silent Night at sketch London

Sunday Roast at OSLO Hackney

God, I missed Britain. Sure, the perpetual clouds, greyness and drizzle will end up annoying me by the time Spring comes, but getting a Sunday roast at a pub in Australia just felt kinda wrong. All I wanted was smoothie bowls and poké. So what better way to embrace London’s perennial state of Autumn than … More Sunday Roast at OSLO Hackney

Drinks behind bars at Alcotraz London

Guard: “Lady, what are you trying to do? GET INTO THAT JUMPSUIT!” Me [wearing an awfully impractical tight pink dress]: “Sorry sir, just trying not show too much here!” My friend Mariola, who knows my pole dancer Insta feed all too well: “That is the first time I’ve ever heard here say that.” No, this … More Drinks behind bars at Alcotraz London

Falling for the Courtesan in Brixton

Everyone who has met me at least once knows I’m a woman of many obsessions, often food or entertainment-related. Chances are you’ve probably heard me babble on about steamed buns, finding pieces of my homeland of Sardinia abroad, burlesque and David Lynch’s quirky, mind-boggling and symbolic TV show Twin Peaks. So imagine my face when I … More Falling for the Courtesan in Brixton

Went Hairclubbing And There’s No Going Back

I hate getting my hair done. You go and make small talk with a stranger who often pulls your hair rather than brushing it softly. Then you come out and you’re not satisfied and have to deal with the result. Hence why my hair is a long untameable mass of split ends and I never … More Went Hairclubbing And There’s No Going Back

An evening in Peckham

Having always been an East Londoner (or East Central at the most), I could always think of a thousand better things to do other than travelling South of the river. It just looked far. I couldn’t be bothered to take buses when I had everything at my doorstep. I didn’t feel like the Krays travelling … More An evening in Peckham

My guide to Byron Bay 

There’s something about Byron Bay, something magic. You will only get it once you set foot in this twinkling surfer town, home of the Blues Fest that just hosted Carlos Santana and of Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth. So enjoy my quick guide to the Byron Bay bliss and make sure you stop by. In Byron, gorgeous men … More My guide to Byron Bay